Monday, 17 February 2014

Premiere Performance

I chose "Rich Man's Frug" for the music of my first burlesque piece 'cause Cy Coleman is an amazing composer and Bob Fosse is, well, Bob Fosse.  I tried to blend some of Fosse's signature moves from his 1969 film - the classic entrance of the dancers in the beginning of the scene and the sinuously delectable hand movements performed by Suzanne Charny - with my own choreography.  Fosse has such a distinctive style of dance...he's a virtuoso, and one of the reasons why I became a dancer in the first place.  I loved performing this burlesque piece at The Rivoli, it was so much fun. Scary (it was my debut, after all) but fun.  The Frug is a 3-part piece including the "Aloof", the "Heavyweight" and the "Big Finish."  My debut showcased the first two, but I'll keep you up-to-date on when Part 3 is ready...and I promise lots of tassle-twirling!

Beaver Galore's Frug
Reveal Me @ The Rivoli - October 2013
Music: "Rich Man's Frug" by Cy Coleman from Sweet Charity
Video: Spanish Fly Films

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